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Tips for Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard

Snakes are very sly creatures, making them sometimes hard to spot. Though not all snakes are venomous, a bite can still cause a good amount of pain. Nobody wants to worry about running into a snake in the comfort of their backyard, so here are some tips to keep snakes out of your yard!

snakes in yard

Homemade Repellents

Some of the animal repellents sold in stores can have harsh chemicals that harm animals. To avoid this, you can make your own snake repellents with a few simple ingredients.

Mothballs and ammonia are natural snake repellents, but be sure to use face and hand protection when handling mothballs. Snakes also don’t like citrus smells, so planting some lemongrass in your garden can help deter them.

Yard Maintenance

Keeping your yard in good condition keeps it looking its best, but can also keep snakes away. Garden snakes typically are just trying to find a place to stay when they enter your yard and are attracted to places with a lot of hiding spots.

If you keep your yard clear of weeds and debris, there will be nowhere for snakes to reside. You also want to keep any wood piles elevated off of the ground.

Eliminate Food Supply

Snakes are not going to stay in your yard if there’s no food for them to eat. Often times, snakes prey on insects and rodents. To keep snakes out of your yard, take the steps necessary to keep their prey out of your yard as well.

Birdbaths, seeds, and nests attract mice, so avoid putting these items in your yard. Also, be sure to clean any nuts or fruits that fall from the trees into your yard.

Are There Snakes in Your Yard? Contact Shumaker Animal Control Today!

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