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3 Common Cold Weather Pests

In Maryland, the weather is already starting to give us a preview of what’s to come this winter. When the weather gets cold, most people would much rather cozy up in the warmth of their homes than go outside. The same thing applies to animals, who are looking for somewhere to keep warm this winter. Unfortunately, some animals see our homes as the perfect place to settle in. Here are three common cold-weather pests to look out for this season!

cold weather pests

House Mice

Mice can fit through an opening that’s as small as a dime, so if they find even a small opening in your home’s foundation, they might make their way inside. The house mouse is the most commonly encountered rodent amongst people in the United States due to their ability to maneuver into small spaces. They prefer dark, quiet areas such as a basement or attic.

House mice are small but can do a lot of damage, potentially chewing through wires and drywall. Keep these areas clutter-free and seal any exterior foundation cracks to help prevent house mice from entering your home this season.


The good thing about raccoons is that they are bigger in size, so it’s not nearly as easy for them to get into your home. On the downside, they are a major host of rabies and can climb very well, utilizing trees near the home to get in through the attic or chimney.

To prevent raccoons from invading your home, inspect the exterior for any potential points of access such as a vent cover that’s broken. If you have a chimney, invest in a cap to cover it and keep nearby tree branches trimmed.

Brown Recluse Spiders

This specific type of spider likes to spin their webs in quiet areas, so they will aim for attics, basements, and closets when looking for a place to settle in.

These spiders are often found inside of cardboard boxes, along with windows, and sometimes within clothing and shoes. Brown recluse spiders have a venomous bite, so they are potentially dangerous to humans.

To prevent these spiders from getting into your home, store your clothing and shoes inside of sealed plastic containers. Items that aren’t used often are more likely to have a spider hiding in them. You also want to keep trees and bushes trimmed so that nothing hangs too close to the home.

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