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Ending Animal Testing in Maryland

Animal testing on animals has been a long debated topic. Animals suffer from testing cosmetic goods such as shampoo and mascara on them that contain harmful chemicals. Wildlife animals such as rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice, and many more are the ones who suffer. However, for our Maryland animals, in the recent months our state has moved to pass a bill that would ban any testing on animals! Learn more about it below!


Animal Testing


Around April of 2021, Maryland decided it was set to be the 5th state in the United States to ban cosmetic testing and advocate for more cruelty-free products. Virginia, California, Nevada, and Illinois are the ones who took the first steps to initiate this movement. 


A big deciding factor in making this decision were the companies who manufacture or sell their products in Maryland. Big businesses like Lush Cosmetics, MOM’s Organic Market, ReNew Botanical Skin Care. Leaders at these businesses reached out to our Maryland lawmakers insisting that an end to cosmetic testing was necessary. 


Consumers are taking a stand as well. More and more are looking and inspecting products for ones that are cruelty free and choosing those over others, even if they are more expensive. This has a direct impact on business where their sales can drastically change based on their business practices and values in regards to animals. 


This is a fantastic turn and decision for Maryland and our Marylanders should be proud to be living in a state that does good for our animals. 


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