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How To Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Trash This Holiday Season

Did you know that humans generate more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of year? Between large family meals and gift giving celebrations, there is an exorbitant amount of holiday waste each year.



As our trash cans get fuller, it is not unusual to see an increase in wild animal activity as well. During the winter months, it is harder for wild animals to find natural food sources, which means our food scraps will be more appealing than ever.


If you are looking to avoid the mess and keep wild animals out of your trash this holiday season, follow these easy tips.


Reduce the smell of food.


The best way to keep animals from digging around in your garbage is by reducing any lingering food smells. Start by adding an odor-absorbing material to the bottom of the trash can. Coffee beans, cat litter, baking soda, and charcoal have all been known to help prevent and absorb even the harshest smells.


Another great way to get rid of food smells is by spraying your trash can and trash bags with household cleaning solutions. Windex, ammonia, vinegar, and bleach all have strong smells that will mask the smell and deter wild animals.


Install outdoor lights.


Wild animals prefer traveling under the cover of darkness to evade humans and predators. Installing a motion-activated flood light or leaving your outdoor lights on will help deter most wild animals from going near your trash cans.


If you are looking for a more festive way to keep your holiday season pest free, we suggest using holiday lights and decorations. The bright, twinkly lights will scare away even the hungriest wild animals, especially if placed near the garbage cans.


Minimize the amount of food in your trash.


Since food waste is the number one reason wild animals are drawn to trash, minimizing the amount of food waste in your trash can will limit the appeal. If you can, use your sink’s garbage disposal to get rid of the smaller pieces of food.


Rather than leaving food scraps in your trash can overnight, keep them in the freezer until pick-up day. By limiting the amount of time the food is in the trash can, you can limit the chances of animals getting into your trash.



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