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Winter Animal Species: The Arctic Fox

Polar Bears are the most popular arctic animal’s travelers like to see, but arctic foxes are on the list of favorites as well. Arctic foxes have a naturally playful nature and bubbly personality that makes them stand out from other species. Here are some cool facts about the arctic fox!

Harsh, Frigid Temperatures

As the name suggests, arctic foxes live in the arctic, which is known for having harsh cold temperatures throughout the entire year. Arctic foxes have very thick coats of fur that allow them to maintain consistent body temperature as well as insulate heat. Their legs and muzzles are shorter than other fox species, which lessens the amount of heat loss they endure.

Changing Fur Colors

One of the coolest things about the arctic fox is its dramatic change in coat color over the seasons. During the summer season, the arctic fox has a dark brown or grey coat. However, when winter hits, their coat gets thicker and turns completely white. This is the only member of the canid species that can change the color of its coat, which helps with camouflage.

Hunting Style

Arctic foxes are both carnivores and scavengers. They typically hunt small rodents, birds, and sometimes fish. Winter in the arctic can be difficult when it comes to finding prey, so arctic foxes have to get strategic during these times.

You can find them following polar bears around throughout the day so that they can feed on the leftover scraps the bears leave behind.


Arctic foxes are monogamous animal species, meaning they only have one mate throughout their entire lives! Female arctic foxes give birth during the spring season. Their litters are on the larger side, ranging anywhere from 5-8 pups on average.

The parents will raise their young together during the summer season so that pups are prepared to be on their own by the time the harsh winter season comes back around.

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