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How Do Snakes Keep Warm in the Winter?

Snakes are cold-blooded animals, meaning they don’t shiver at all to keep warm. They also don’t have any fur or excess fat to help them out when the weather starts to get cold. So, how do snakes keep warm in the winter time? They rely strongly on the sun to maintain a high body temperature, as well as slowing down their metabolism and bodily functions. Here’s more on how snakes keep warm in the winter time.

snakes winter


Cold-blooded animals have the same body temperature as their air around them. Snakes take the time to bask in the sun when it gets cold to warm up their bodies. They will either spread out on a rock or another heat-absorbing surface to make this possible.

To soak up more heat, snakes are able to spread out their rib cages and make their bodies wider. Some species of snakes can make their skin darker in order to absorb more sunlight.

Slow Down

Snakes have the unique ability to slow down their metabolism and muscles. When this happens, snakes become sluggish and sometimes even inanimate.

Their winter process is similar to hibernation. Unlike warm-blooded animals, snakes have digestive systems that work more efficiently during the warm weather.

Huddling Together

Some species of snakes, including rattlesnakes and garter snakes, will huddle together in groups to produce heat when the winter comes.

Sometimes, different species of snakes will huddle in these groups together. Snakes will find winter dens to huddle and hibernate which could be in a mammal burrow or under large rocks.

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