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4 Fall Rodent Prevention Tips

September has begun and that means that the fall season is right around the corner. With the colder weather approaching, animals are looking for warm places to take shelter. Unfortunately, our homes look like great places to keep warm to rodents passing by. Rodents aren’t only a nuisance, but they also can carry a variety of dangerous diseases that can be passed onto humans. Since you probably won’t be inspecting the exterior of your home too often when it gets cold, now is the perfect time to prepare. Here are four fall rodent prevention tips!

rodent prevention

Properly Store Food & Water

Rodents will eat pretty much any left over food they can find lingering on the floors, in cabinets, and will even help themselves to eating food out of the package if they can access it. You want to make sure all of your food containers are properly sealed.

Do not ever leave open containers of food anywhere in the kitchen. It is also important that you clean up any crumbs because mice and rats will gladly eat those as well.


Rodents love cluttered areas because it gives them ample amounts of hiding spaces. If you have clutter in your home, especially in the attic or basement, sort through those boxes and items and clear out anything you don’t need.

If need be, implement more storage spaces such as shelves or cabinets to store your items. If you keep all of your belongings off of the floor, rodents won’t have many places to hide and live.

Seal Entryways

It can be hard to tell exactly where a rodent is entering the home from because mice and rats can fit into very small spaces. You want to closely inspect your home, both the interior and exterior, for any cracks and holes you have in your foundation.

It can be hard to find every crevice, so just pay close attention to areas where utilities and pipes meet the home. You can seal cracks with caulk or steel wool, both of which will keep those rodents out.

Eliminate Moisture

Rodents actually prefer to breed in areas of moisture. Be sure to fix any leaking pipes or clogged drains that may be present in the home. Keeping shrubs and bushes too tall can also accumulate moisture, so keep them cut low during the fall season. Any firewood that you have should be stored a far distance from the house, at least 20 feet away.

Are There Rodents in Your Home? Contact Shumaker Animal Control Today!

If you come across any rodents in your home, do not engage them and remove yourself from the area.

If the rodents are on your property, call the experts at Shumaker Animal Control to deal with the problem for you.

Our experienced team will take care of the problem in a timely manner, ensuring that you, your home and pets are not in any danger.

At Shumaker Animal Control, we are a family-owned business who cares about the safety of you and your family but also about the well-being of the animals themselves.

All of our trapping and control methods are humane, as we never try to hurt the angry or scared animal.

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