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The Most Common Squirrel Species in the U.S.

There are five different types of squirrels that reside in the U.S: fox, grey, red, flying, and ground. Some squirrels live in trees, with sharp claws to help them climb and large ears for better hearing. Others live on the ground and have smaller features and a shorter stature. Here is some cool information on the most common squirrel species in the United States!

squirrel species

Grey Squirrels

Though this type is called a grey squirrel, they can come in an array of colors such as brown, cream, black and red. There are two species of grey squirrels in the U.S: The Eastern grey and the Western grey. Both species share the same physical characteristics, they are just located on different sides of the country.

Red Squirrels

Compared to grey squirrels, red squirrels are typically twice as little. These small squirrels live in trees, with a fascinating fur coat that turns grey-red in the winter and orange-red in the summer.

All red squirrels also have an identifying white stomach and tufts of fur that grow around their ears when it gets cold. Red squirrels live in the colder northern states and you will typically find them in pine forests.

Fox Squirrels

This is the largest type of squirrel, ranging anywhere between 17 and 27 inches long. Fox squirrels reside pretty much all over the country, with the exception of the East Coast. Their coats are either very dark, ranging from black to grey, or more of a red-orange color. They don’t have any white markings, which can help you separate them from red squirrels.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are the type that you have to worry about when it comes to your home garden. They are smaller squirrels (the smallest species weighing only 3-4 ounces), that prefer to dig their burrows in open spaces such as a prairie.

However, if they smell their way into your garden, they may burrow and chew through your plants. The most common species of ground squirrels is the thirteen-lined ground squirrel, mainly found in California.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels may be the most fascinating type of squirrel that there is. No, these squirrels do not have literal wings. However, they have a distinct furred membrane located between their wrists and ankles. This membrane allows them to glide between trees, making it easier for them to move from place to place.

These squirrels are scattered all over the country and are larger in number than the grey squirrel, but because they are nocturnal, they aren’t easy to find.

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