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The 3 Phases of Rabies

Amongst all of the potential diseases animals carry, rabies is one of the most well-known ones to the human species. This is probably because rabies can be deadly to both humans and pets. Rabies is a tricky disease because it can go undetected for months, but once signs begin to show, it escalates quickly. Here are the three phases of Rabies in animals.

phases of rabies

Phase 1: Prodromal Phase

As mentioned before, rabies can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. An unexplained change of behavior in an animal is typically the first sign of rabies, so pet owners should be aware of these changes.

Rabid animals will typically lose their appetite, but may also develop a fever, chew at the site of the bite, and might even sound different. These early symptoms typically last 2-3 days before other signs start to surface.

Phase 2: Furious Phase

The furious phase of rabies, commonly referred to as Mad Dog Syndrome, typically lasts 2-4 days, but some animals skip this phase altogether. However, those animals that do experience the furious phase will lash out and become very aggressive.

Other signs of this phase include constant growling, disorientation, trembling, seizures, and abnormal cravings. Caged rabid animals have been said to try and chew through the wire, while others may attempt to attack any moving object.

Phase 3: Paralytic Phase

This final phase of rabies is when the virus takes over the animal’s body. This phase lasts about 2-4 days and at this time, the animal shows signs of paralysis. You may notice that your animal appears to be choking or is unable to swallow. The paralysis starts at the jaw, throat, and chewing muscles, and quickly spreads to other parts of the body.

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