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How Pesticides Affect Animals



When pesticides are used to cover large crop fields, the repellents are being transmitted through the air. The sheer amount of pesticide that is used for these purposes has a huge effect on birds. When the toxins are released into the air, birds have many severe negative side effects. The most notable effect is that it stunts birds’ physical normalities, and can even the likelihood of malformations. Birds also have a hard time with pesticides as it decreases their probability of breeding, makes it harder for them to fend off predators, and in some cases they can’t handle the toxins and die. 


Pesticides Affect AnimalsBats


Bats are already an endangered species without adding pesticides to the mix. Bats, more than other animals, have a harder time staying around because of how much human activities affect them. One pesticide in particular is quite detrimental to bats. Humans use a pesticide called “Fenoxycide” that is typically used to get rid of pests like ants, mosquitos, cockroaches, and more that gather in large quantities. When this chemical is exposed to trees and food that bats feed upon, it can be deadly. It slows their reproduction rate, causes deformations to their body, and 




Let’s not forget about the frogs! There are pesticides out there that cause sexual abnormalities when they come in contact with them. Frogs have a hard time with pesticides that are not water soluble. When it rains on plants and trees that were sprayed with pesticide, the pesticide does not dissolve, which then washes off onto the ground where all kinds of animals are. Because of this, frogs can end up with multiple ovaries or both sets of sex organs.




Pesticides have a devastating effect on bees. They are known to contribute to the memory loss bees experience when they are exposed to certain toxins. In addition to this, pesticides also cause paralysis, navigation issues, and death. With bees not being able to navigate their way, they will have a hard time finding their way back to the hive, which could cause the collapse of a colony. 


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Pesticides affect animals in a variety of ways. Shumaker Animal Control appreciates and cares for all types of wildlife in a humane manner. We are trained to assist people in any and every situation regarding animal control and removal of nuisance wildlife in Baltimore County and all of Maryland. Whether you have encountered a bat, or need any other type of animal removal, we have a professional team ready to assist you.


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