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Winter Wildlife

For this time of year, you either love it or hate it. As Marylanders, we’re somewhat used to the unpredictable weather and we tolerate the vast change that may come from one day to the next. Just like humans, animals and critters have the same love-hate relationship. While some winter wildlife prefer to hide away during negative degree temperatures, others are just champs in it. Here are some that we have deemed “best in snow”. 

Winter Wildlife



Caterpillars aren’t really what comes to mind when we think of winter warriors. The well-loved fuzzy caterpillars are resilient to some of the coldest weather. They have the antifreeze superpower, like most fish and frogs. Caterpillars have what is called “glycerol”, which allows their inner cells to be protected from freezing. Besides their warm and fuzzy jacket, they also have the ability to self-medicate from any parasites that may be deadly. Given all of these characteristics, it makes a caterpillar one tough bug during the wintertime. 




Otters thrive in the winter, and they love everything that comes with it! One of the otter’s favorite things to do is frolic through the snow and slide down hills. These very cute animals were built for the cold. These guys have fur that acts as multiple jackets. They have two layers of fur, a warm underlayer and another that is full on waterproof! Otters also have a really neat feature with their eyes. These have two layers as well! They have an additional eyelid that is completely clear, which allows them to see in water when it’s closed.




While the winter weather may not be a favorite of bats, they do know how to combat it pretty well. They aren’t really ones to brave the cold temperatures alone, so they gather with other bats to tackle it together! Bats find warmth by huddling in large clusters and it also lets them preserve their energy. Bats need to have certain levels of fat before they hibernate so they can survive. If they don’t get enough food, and use too much energy flying, they have a possibility of starving and dying. 


Maryland Wildlife Is Very Important To Shumaker


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