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Rats vs. Mice: What’s the Difference?

Rats and mice are both part of the rodent family and have a lot of similar features. If either species gets into your home, they both can cause a significant amount of damage, but it’s good to be able to identify which one you are dealing with. Here are some of the major differences between rats and mice.



Rats are significantly bigger than mice, ranging from 7 to 9 inches in length on average.

One of the main differences between rats and mice is their size. This is the easiest way to determine what you are dealing with, especially because these rodents move so quickly that it’s hard to get close to them to make out more specific features. Mice typically range from two to four inches in length, while rats are seven to nine inches. It’s easy to tell the difference when these rodents are adults, but baby rats can look similar to an adult mouse.

Rats are significantly bigger than mice, ranging from 7 to 9 inches in length on average.



Mice are typically more curious and explorative than rats, making it easier to catch them in traps.

Though mice are smaller in size, they are surprisingly more bold than rats. Mice are more likely to come out and explore new things, which means it can be easier to catch them in a trap. Rats, however, live in fear, so they are cautious of new things rather than being curious. They will likely avoid a trap, making them harder to catch. Mice are better at climbing than rats and can maneuver their way into attics and smaller spaces, while rats typically stay on lower levels such as the basement.



Mice (above) have large, floppy ears that stand out from their body. Rats (below) have long, scaly, hairless tails.

Mice and rats have similar color patterns, but there are other features that separate the two. Mice have thin, triangular noses, while rats noises are bigger and wider. Rats have ears that fit their body, but mice have large, floppy ears that stand out. Both mice and rats have long tails, but mice tails are thinner and have hair, while rats have scaly, hairless tails.

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