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What is an Opossum Anyway?

An opossum is part of the marsupial family, which is a mammal that gives birth to underdeveloped young. These are the mammals you see carrying their young in pouches; Other commonly known marsupials are kangaroos and koala bears. Opossums are pretty small animals, averaging about 2.5 feet in length and around 8-13 pounds. Here is some more cool information on Opossums!



Opossums are known to be scavengers, which can make them a nuisance to people if they make their way into their homes or yards. They often scavenge through garbage cans, dumpsters, and any other containers that may contain food for them to eat. Opossums are omnivores, so they eat grass, nuts, and fruit as well as hunt small animals such as mice, birds, and insects.


As mentioned before, Opossums are marsupials, defined by the fact that they give birth to under-developed young. In fact, newborn Opossums are as small as honeybees, so they are pretty much helpless in the wild. Upon birth, babies will immediately crawl into their mother’s pouch and remain there until they are larger in size.

Sometimes, the young will travel in and out of the pouch and when they are big enough, will ride on their mother’s back while she hunts. Opossums generally have large litters, with as many as 20 babies, but fewer than half survive.

“Play Dead”

We have all met a dog or two that has been taught to “play dead” on command, but it typically isn’t very convincing. However, Opossums are known to play dead as a unique defense mechanism.

When they are threatened by predators, Opossums will fall, lie on the ground, and either close their eyes or stare blankly into space, trying to convince the predator that they’re dead. This encourages predators to let their guard down, giving the Opossum time to make a quick escape.

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