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The Gray Fox

Maryland is a commonly known home for Gray Foxes. They are very interesting creatures and we have a lot of cool facts for you to learn more about them!

The Gray Fox



Gray foxes like to go after rabbits, squirrels, insects, mice and more when it comes to their food. When they are feeling particularly ambitious, they will hunt down Game Birds for a bit of a change up. Some of those birds include turkeys and quails. However, they don’t just go after other animals. Gray foxes are omnivores so they also look for berries and fruit when they are hungry.


Where Are They In Maryland


In Maryland, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the Gray Fox in dense forests around the state. When they are wandering off to find food, usually they do not stray far from their homes. Any place they decide to call home is usually just a few miles from wherever they are currently wandering. Although they liked the forest, they have been known to show up in suburban areas every once in a while. 




Gray foxes tend to live on opposite schedules than us humans. They are nocturnal animals who operate in the late to early hours of each day. Because they are creatures of the night, they are much harder to spot than typical red foxes. Gray foxes can be found jumping from tree to tree, looking for a safe place to protect themselves from predators. 




Gray foxes breeding season is anywhere between January and March. When they do breed, the female usually has a little of 4 to 5 pups. During this season, they tend to look for hollowed out stumps or trees, barns, or dense brushes for a safe place for their pups. 


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