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The Hidden Risks of Bird Nests in Your Home


Many different species of birds choose to build their bird nests around homes and sheds. These human habits provide birds with a safe area, away from predators and extreme temperatures.


While bird nests might not seem like a huge inconvenience for homeowners at the time, they can easily cause serious problems.


Block Chimneys


Given their similarity to hollow trees, chimneys are often appealing choices for birds in search of shelter.

bird nest


A chimney has vents located at the top and bottom, allowing for air to properly flow through the shaft. A nest can completely block the top of your chimney, which can lead to chimney fires and condensation build up.


Another dangerous result of having bird nests in your chimney is the potential for other harmful pests. Bird nests carry bacteria that can be harmful to humans and domestic pets in the household. Birds also carry parasites, such as ticks, fleas, and mites, that could go on to infest your home.


Clog Vents


Many birds seek out warm, elevated spaces to build their nests, which means household vents are especially inviting. Laundry vents, bathroom vents, and kitchen vents are all designed to direct hot air outside, which makes them prime real estate.


Bird nests can restrict the airflow in vents, resulting in increased risk of fire. A majority of nests are made of twigs, leaves, feathers, moss, and grass – all of which are flammable materials. If the hot air is not able to escape, the nest can easily catch on fire, putting the entire house at risk.


Vents are not suitable homes for birds, and sometimes the hot air can prove dangerous or even deadly to the small creatures. If a bird ends up dying in their nest, the homeowners will also be dealing with nasty, lingering odors.


Bird Droppings


Another notable risk of having bird nests in your home is the dangers of bird droppings.


Bird droppings can pose serious health risks to both humans and animals living inside the house – the droppings often carry disease-causing parasites.


Aside from being completely unsanitary and hazardous, bird droppings can also cause structural damages to the home. The Uric acid found in bird droppings can corrode metal and concrete, as well eat away at paint.


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